1. Dairy Farm Manager Practical Course

Purpose: The purpose is to provide training for dairy farm managers to increase their skills for managing dairy cattle, personnel, analyze dairy farm Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), data based farm management and the aspects affecting the financial success of the operation. Using science-based practices, the goal is to train dairy farm managers to meet the current demands for the dairy industry and successfully manage modern dairy operations.

Participants: Dairy farm managers and individuals interested in working in such positions within the dairy industry.

Training model: The course comprises 4 modules with 2 day each, and 2 days for designing of a Back Home Action Plan. There is a one day farm visit for assessment of the implementation by the Academy. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in the Academy will:

  • Gain a better understanding of their role in the success of the dairy enterprise.
  • Gain practical experience of a dairy farm KPIs and analysis
  • Improve their practical skills in using data in managing animals of all ages on a dairy farm, including areas related to milk production and composition, reproduction, milk quality, animal health, growth, feeding, etc.
  • Improve their skills in managing and communicating with employees on a dairy farm.
  • Improve their understanding of the importance of animal welfare and handling on the health and performance of the dairy operation.
  • Develop strategies for identifying success.

An informal appraisal will be conducted at the participant’s place of work, in order to provide additional support and training.

2. Students Dairy Management Academy

The Students Dairy Academy is the only industry training Programme aimed at high level training for dairy managers of the future. The Academy comprises of 6 hours a week course, scheduled for 8 weeks, a study tour and an opportunity for internship in a model farm.

This Programme is open for students interested in learning practical dairy farming and management.

Learning Outcomes

  • After completion of Students Dairy Management Academy, students will be able demonstrate that they can achieve high levels of farm business management.
  • The Students Dairy Management Academy covers all the key areas of dairy farm management. Ranging from practical elements, such as rationing dairy cows to financial planning (topics covered are outlined in the course brochure).
  • The teaching methods is a mixture of classroom based theory, and exercises and on farm practical demonstrations and assessments. Both methods of delivery will be assessed. It is imperative that students can excel in both areas, for a successful completion of the course.
  • Every module is focused upon key areas in cow management with the aim to provide a comprehensive training Programme in each topic.
  • There will also be an informal assessment at the farm to reinforce the previous module, and again to provide additional support and knowledge application of the taught material.

The primary objective is to deliver future farm mangers which have the necessary management skills in order to thrive in 21st century dairy farming.